Folic Acid & Vitamin mB12

There is a notion among some parents of autistic children that giving folic acid along with mB12 will reduce hyperactivity. There is simply no clinical or scientific basis for this. In fact, our clinical experience has shown that adding folic acid to mB12 treatment actually triggers more hyperactivity in some children. This has also been the experience of Dr. James Neubrander, the foremost expert in vitamin mB12 therapy for autism. His advice is NOT TO ADD ANYTHING, including folic acid, during the first five weeks of beginning mB12 therapy.

Hyperactivity, loss of sleep, increased stimming, mouthing of objects and, at times, aggression are part and parcel of vitamin mB12 therapy. In fact, these are early indicators that a child is likely to benefit from the therapy. Dr. Neubrander has indicated that such “negative” effects can last two to six months. However, our clinical experience shows that the side effects tend to fade from about the 5th or 6th week onwards. At our clinic, ALL PARENTS, WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, are informed about these side effects prior to starting an autistic child on vitamin mB12 therapy.

Hyperactivity makes life difficult for everyone, especially stressed-out teachers. Often, parents are asked to stop these “unproven” therapies or they will have to take their children out of the teaching programme. Many parents will just stop the mB12 treatment. As a result, they might miss an opportunity to see their children get better. However, there was a small number of parents who went further than that. They started to warn other parents that the physicians providing the treatment may not know what they are doing. Such allegations are unfounded and they unnecessarily scare many families whose children could have benefited from the therapy.

We have found vitamin mB12 therapy to play a major role in the recovery from autism. Dr. Neubrander claims a response rate of over 90 percent. We have very similar response rates among those families who stuck to the programme. Every child deserves an opportunity to improve from their present condition. We appeal to families to conduct thorough research and check their sources of information before spreading unfounded and malicious misinformation about this beneficial therapy for autistic children.