Biomedical Autism Laboratory Test

If you have done any biomedical autism laboratory test for your child within the past 6 months, we will interpret the test results without any charges or obligation. With a fuller understanding of these biomedical autism test results, you may be able to greatly improve the quality of life of your loved ones with autism. [Refer below for contact information.]

Alternatively, you may like us to conduct the autism tests, which include but are not limited to:

  • Blood
    • Food Allergy Test (Immunoglobulin G / IgG)
  • Hair
    • Heavy Metals Test
  • Stool
    • Yeast Culture Fermentation
  • Urine
    • Casein Peptide Test
    • Gluten Peptide Test
    • Organic Acids Test (OAT)
    • Urinary Toxic Metals
    • Urinary Metabolic Profile

You may reach us at  enquiries @ or call +65 6253 6257 for charges of laboratory price.

For first time case / appointments: Please fill up the forms below and email or fax these to +65 6251 0159.